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A Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre with a mission to create engaging, child-focused community by offering a holistic curriculum to support children's knowledge building journey. 

The Trustworthiness in Your Child's Name


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The Trustworthiness in Your Child's Name

Baby Brain

Who would have thought, that your child's name could determine how people trust you, or not. Names like Maddox and Knox, from the well soon to be ex-Brangelina, to Alicia Silverstone's son, Bear, are not the most common of names when you compare to Ethan or Catherine. 

So when I stumbled on this research about how names can potentially affect one's trustworthiness, it certainly is worth knowing about its impact at the very least I thought. Because it's permanent, unless your child decides to legally change their name later down the track. Otherwise one that he/she will live with for the rest of their lives. Like a tattoo!

For our first born, we went through a process of back and forth over the course of 10 months, before we decided on the name.  Naming your baby is obviously necessary, so do spare some thought into it. 

For more info on the study, go here.