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A Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre with a mission to create engaging, child-focused community by offering a holistic curriculum to support children's knowledge building journey. 

The Healing Power of Crying


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The Healing Power of Crying

Baby Brain

Who would have thought, that tears and tantrums serves as a built-in healing mechanism that helps children overcome the effects of stress and trauma. Safe to say that when we were growing up we cry spontaneously when we experience something stressful or even traumatic. Understanding that a lot of these stresses are inevitable and part of life, as parents we can reduce the child's stress levels by providing a sensitive, accepting, child-friendly environment that recognises his/her needs.

An environment that 'allows' them to cry, ridiculed or punished. It's important that we as parents strive to accept and listen to our children's emotions, so that they realise that they can come to us with their problems.  

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