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20 Shun Ning Rd
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A Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre with a mission to create engaging, child-focused community by offering a holistic curriculum to support children's knowledge building journey. 


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5 Things to Do & 5 Thing Not to Do During Tantrums

Baby Brain

It isn’t anything terrible about a 2-year-old.  Children at this stage are learning what they can and cannot do. Basically testing boundaries, tantrums and so forth are all signs of a developing child.

As parents, we sometimes feel guilty about our children crying. We feel this need to fix it or stop the crying because that’s what mothers do: we make the tears go away. But many times, we’re doing an amazing job as parents by allowing the tears to flow.

    This is simply a phase of life just as we went through ourselves while learning about the world.

    Here's a list of 5 Things To Do during Tantrums

    Good luck!

    Like to acknowledge Kelly from the who put together this great content.