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A Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre with a mission to create engaging, child-focused community by offering a holistic curriculum to support children's knowledge building journey. 



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Reggio Emilia in Under under 2 mins

Baby Brain

Education can sometimes be such a mind field, and if we are not careful we can over-complicate it.  Let alone early childhood education, where it has such unique dynamics.

Here are some core fundamentals of this award-winning approach to early childhood education:

- Children are capable learners.

- Children learn and grow through relationships with others.

- Learning is an active process, not a transmission of pre-packaged knowledge.

- The Reggio teacher allows the child to make their own mistakes, while challenging and provoking ideas through open-ended questioning.

- The Reggio school (environment) is welcoming, home-like, nurturing. Where children can encounter and connect, interact and have dialogue.

So when we found this short and yet very informative animation on the Reggio Emilia approach, even better! We just had to share it.    

Download video here

An Attitude of Gratitude

Baby Brain

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we thought wouldn't this be an ideal time to help your child learn about gratitude. Though young children may not be able to express gratitude in the same way adults can, teaching them how to be thankful will offer them many long-term benefits. 

Here are 4 ways:

1) Be grateful in your daily life.

From a simple thank you, to having a discussion about the good things that happened during your day, these small examples of thankfulness will make an impression on your child.

2) Encourage generous acts.

We see this all the time at Baby Brain, young children love to help, and Thanksgiving offers many chances to encourage this behavior. Like suggesting they help other less fortunate children by donating a toy, or some of their old clothing. Your child may surprise you with how keen they are.

3) Explain the act of giving with the meaning behind it.

Whether your child receives a physical gift or an experiential gift, it’s important to help him/her understand the kind thoughts behind it. "Wasn’t that nice of Por Por to knit you those mittens? She wants you to be warm this winter.”

4) Involve them by helping around the house.

From simply putting away their toys or helping mix ingredients in the kitchen, simple chores can help young children develop that grateful mindset. 

Gratitude will give them a strong foundation in empathy, and will set them up for a grateful future.

Flying with a Baby

Baby Brain

Now that the summer holidays have past, many parents are probably just about recovered from their ordeal flying with an infant/baby.  I certainly know what it's like, even just getting that few hours of sleep in that unfamiliar airline cot is a God-send!  

Just wanted to share my tip, as far as possible when packing for baby, go with the essentials.  I realised parents (especially with first borns) tend to pack more than necessary.  For those "just in case" moments right?  On the contrary, I have found that ruffling through so much unnecessary clutter makes things less efficient.  

Certainly like to hear how other parents feel about this.  Meanwhile stumbled on some good tips from this page -      

Hopefully this will help you be better prepared for your upcoming travels.